The Tabasco Factory Is Opening a Hot New Restaurant

Visitors to the Avery Island factory will also be able to go on seed-to-table tours

The restaurant at the Tabasco Sauce Factory will open on August 10 on Avery Island, Louisiana.

The Tabasco Sauce Factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, hosted tours until the early 1980s, when seven people died from poison-covered Tylenol. As a precaution, many factories, including Tabasco’s, stopped offering tours for fear that visitors might contaminate their products.

Now, over 30 years later, visitors can once again taste some of Tabasco’s pepper sauce products on site in a new restaurant. It’s set to open on August 10 and, as you might expect, the menu looks spicy.

KLFY News 10 reports that there will be a boudin and pepper jelly biscuit, pepper barrel crawfish étouffée, jambalaya, and raspberry chipotle ice cream. All food will be served cafeteria-style, and prices range from $7 to $12.


Besides a restaurant, Tabasco will also offer new tours later this year. They are expanding the seed-to-table tour to allow visitors to see and smell the aging pepper mash that becomes Tabasco sauce. Visitors can also see the stages of pepper growth, a museum with artifacts of Tabasco founder Edmund McIlhenny, and an expanded visitor’s center.