The Swedish Chef Stars in the Newest PAM Ads

The character’s trusty ‘Chicky’ also makes an appearance in the ads

The Swedish Chef first appeared on The Muppet Show in the 1970s.

In 2012, The Swedish Chef made an appearance in a Bounty paper towel commercial, but this year, the famed fictional chef is the star of a brand that is more in his line of work. Recently, cooking spray brand PAM has debuted two ads featuring the chef whipping up a few dishes and desserts.


In one of the spots, created by advertising agency DDB San Francisco, the chef makes sautéed Vegetables using the cooking spray over butter because the product “cuts fat and calories.” In the second ad, the chef makes croquembouche for Swedish royalty.


According to Adweek, the voice of The Swedish Chef was originally played by Jim Henson and performed by Henson and Frank Oz. In the ad, the character is performed by Bill Barretta.