This Super Hipster Doughnut Is Filled With Bone Marrow

The Doughnut Project in New York is collaborating with butcher shop Hudson & Charles to make a doughnut filled with bone marrow

Will the meaty doughnut become a trend?

We’ve heard of bacon maple doughnuts, and even doughnuts topped with extra-glossy glaze, but this doughy creation is a bit out there. The Doughnut Project has teamed up with Hudson & Charles Butcher Shop in New York to make a yeast-raised doughnut stuffed with chocolate and bone marrow.The chocolate pastry cream is whipped with roasted bone marrow and topped with a clementine glaze and orange-infused chocolate shavings.

We already knew bone marrow soup was a huge trend, but is this taking it too far? The Doughnut Project, located in New York City, first introduced the bone marrow doughnut as a limited-edition menu item in October for Meat Week celebration. But the doughnut was so popular that the team decided to bring it back for good.


In the mood for some meat with your doughnut? It’ll cost you $5.25. They sell out quickly so be sure to get yours nice and early.