Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Is Coming

Two Oregon-based companies are teaming up for this delicious collaboration

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Extra Creamy Ice Cream is made with just six ingredients.

Coffee ice cream lovers, brace yourselves: Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee ice cream is coming. Oregon-based dairy company Tillamook is partnering with Stumptown Coffee Roasters (also based in Oregon), to create the ultimate coffee ice cream. The ice cream is made from six ingredients, according to the company website: Cream, skim milk, sugar, coffee, locust bean gum, and guar gum.

Stumptown makes its cold brew coffee without any heat and instead steeps it for over 12 hours, “until it’s smooth and sweet.” For the ice cream, the coffee is blended with milk free of artificial growth hormones.


The cold brew flavor is one of 14 in Tillamook's new “Farmstyle” line, which consists of gelatos, ice creams, and frozen custards, according to Oregon Live. Other flavors include Authentic Sweet Cream Farmstyle Gelato, California Peach Cobbler Frozen Custard, Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate Farmstyle Gelato, and Speculoos Cookie Caramel Extra Creamy Ice Cream.