Students Allegedly Served 6-Year-Old Meat in School

Meat left in the back of the freezer from 2009 was supposedly served to students in Hawkins County, Tennessee
Students Allegedly Served 6-Year-Old Meat in School
Wate TV

We’ve heard of disgusting school food, but this is getting out of hand.

And you thought your school cafeteria food was subpar. Parents of students in Hawkins County, Tennessee, are outraged after their children were served six-year-old pork that had been left in the freezer since 2009, according to WateTV. Authorities do not know how many children ate the probably tainted meat, but there are 18 schools with 7,000 students in the county. As of yet, there have been no reports of children falling ill after the incident.

“They go to school and that might be the only meal they get all day long and it just… upsets me that these kids are going to school to get that meal,” Michael Herrell, concerned parent and Hawkins County commissioner, told ABC affiliate WATE TV. “It just didn’t go over well with me that I heard we were feeding these kids the meat that’s dated 2009.”

He reported the incident after receiving a photo of the tainted meat from a cafeteria cook. Another cook at nearby Cherokee High School allegedly knew that the meat was bad, but told the cafeteria workers to cover it up with gravy to mask the taste.  The USDA guidelines stipulate that a pork roast cannot be left in the freezer after 12 months.

Steve Starnes, the director of schools in Hawkins County told WateTV that he will begin implementing a policy that takes better stock of the inventory the school cafeteria receive. 

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