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Sting Operation Uncovers Stolen Cars, Drugs, and Trailer Full of Nutella in Canada

The “King of Car Thieves” group got their hands on everything from Lamborghinis to chocolate hazelnut spread

A sting operation called “Project Cyclone” conducted by the York Regional Police in Vaughan, Ontario, unveiled $5 million of stolen goods ranging from luxury cars to an entire trailer of Nutella.

The group that was arrested, called the “King of Car Thieves,” comprised 23 people, one of whom was a notorious, 60-year old car thief Balwinder "Bill" Dhaliwal, according to YorkRegion.

Police have charged the group and recovered 60 vehicles worth more than $3 million; $200,000 worth of drugs, firearms, and loose cash; and a trailer filled with Nutella at an estimated value of thousands of dollars, Munchies reported.

“If there was a profit to be made by this group, this group would jump on the opportunity,” Detective Sergeant Paul LaSalle of the York Regional Police told The Star.

Project Cyclone began in 2015 after a series of car thefts, but police have linked the ring to cargo theft, which explains the stolen Nutella.

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Police said the truck load was stolen to sell the Nutella at half its market value.