Starbucks Is Now Serving Cream Cheese-Stuffed Bagel Balls

Starbucks has launched a line of cream cheese-stuffed bagel balls in French toast and everything varieties at select locations
Bagel balls: Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you taste it.

Bantam Bagels

Bagel balls: Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you taste it.

Starbucks has launched a genius new menu item: the filled doughnut holes of the bagel world. Starbucks, in collaboration with Bantam Bagels, has added a new savory breakfast item to its menus, now available in New York City locations, as well as some Philadelphia and Indianapolis stores: bagel balls. Bagel balls are small, round bagel holes stuffed with cream cheese, and people are getting excited about them.

As of now, bagel balls come in three different varieties: everything, classic, and French toast. The regular bagel ball comes with plain cream cheese and the everything bagel is stuffed with veggie cream cheese. Meanwhile, the French toast variety comes with a maple butter cream cheese.

Surprisingly, these carb-y bad boys are only about 100 calories and suggested retail price is about $1.75 per ball.

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Bantam Bagels, the brains behind this fantastic iteration of the classic New York bagel, opened shop in 2013, and has gained notoriety afters being featured on Shark Tank. Starbucks started partnering with Bantam this summer when they began selling their regular bagels at New York City stores.

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