Starbucks Now Sells Avocado Toast

Starbucks is finally jumping on the avocado toast train — a trend that has turned a simple spread into a $12 Instagram-able brunch option.

Starbucks has announced the addition of an "organic avocado spread" to select outlets. The avocado spread will be made with fresh, organic Hass avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, and lime juice. The best part is? The spread only costs 95 cents and comes in a convenient to-go packet, so you can spread it on the toast or bagel vehicle of your choice.

Preliminary reviews suggest that the spread tastes more like guacamole than avocado toast (especially with the jalapeño and lime flavoring), and that it is spicier than expected.

People are already trying it, and they're pretty skeptical, especially since the spread is so brightly colored:

Starbucks is also adding a few other new items to the menu this spring: vegan bagels, a Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich (to which you can presumably add as much avocado as you want), and a new lightly sweetened chai from Teavana.