Sriracha Doughnuts Are Here to Stay: We Saw That One Coming

Jolie Patisserie in Harlem makes sriracha-drizzled savory doughnuts and we can’t wait to try them
Sriracha Doughnuts Are Here to Stay: We Saw That One Coming
Wikimedia Commons

Is that what happens when a trend becomes oversaturated?

If Huy Fong was in charge, the whole world would be covered in sriracha sauce, and it looks like we’re well on our way to that happening. There’s sriracha ketchup, sriracha salt, and now a bakery in Harlem has created sriracha doughnuts. Before your mouth goes numb just from thinking about it, you should know that the doughnuts will be lightly drizzled with the famous hot sauce, not filled with it like some sort of fiery jelly doughnut.

The creation comes from Moha Orchid, the owner of the newly opened Jolie Patisserie, who turns the traditionally sweet pastry into a savory, doughy snack by topping a plain doughnut with sour cream, almond slivers, and the famous red rooster sauce.

Although Orchid is not the first person out there to combine deep-fried dough with sriracha sauce, the unique and trendy pastry shop is certainly new to Harlem.


"Harlem is a challenge because you have no name in the area," Orchid told the Tech Times. "Somebody has to be the first."