Squid Ink Bagels, Burrata-Stuffed Bagels, And More Black Seed Bagel Guest Chef Sandwiches

Black Seed Bagels, the hipster artisan bagel spot with lines around the block and a mission to up the ante on New York's boiled bread game, will be offering some tantalizing new sandwich options this spring. Black Seed Bagels will be collaborating with five of New York's most talented chefs, including Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen)and Alex Guarnaschelli (Butter). Each week, starting March 9, the bagel shop will sell a creation from a different chef. And these aren't your regular lox and cream cheese on everything bagels. These chefs are stuffing your bagels with ingredients like salt and vinegar chips, anchovy butter, and burrata.

Here's the breakdown of the Black Seed Bagel's spring special menu:

March 9 to 15: Ivan Orkin — Japanese everything spice bagel, aonori cream cheese, ikura egg salad

March 16 to 22: Alex Guarnaschelli — smoked salmon belly salad with cream cheese and salt and vinegar chips on toasted sesame bagel

March 23 to 29: Billy Durney (Hometown Bar-B-Que) — rye everything bagel, slow-cooked pastrami bacon, baked eggs, gruyere

March 30 to April 5: Danny Bowien/Angela Dimayuga (Mission Chinese) —  squid ink bagel with white poppy seeds, whipped anchovy butter and iberico ham.

April 6 to April 12: Missy Robbins (Formerly of A Voce) —  sesame bagel, burrata, soppressata, basil, Calabrian chilies