‘Spread the Happy’ With Nutella’s First Branded Content Series

The first season has just begun and there’s already talk of a second season

The company teamed up with creatives at Brand Programming Studios for the new series.

This week Nutella launched its first branded content series, “Spread the Happy,” which captures the lives of real people and communicates a positive, happy message.

"The 'Spread the Happy' series spotlights people who go out of their way to bring a moment of joy and inspiration to people,” Eric R. Berger, marketing director for Nutella USA, said in a press release. “Whether that's delivering a song or a smile, it matters to those around them."

The first episode features the unlikely friendship between 3-year-old girl Brooklyn and her local sanitation worker, Delvar. She wants to make him feel special on her birthday, and shares her cupcakes with him. This is only one of the examples Nutella will share to celebrate real stories of kindness.

"We don't want to fabricate anything," Berger told Adweek. "This is definitely not an ad campaign, we're trying to take the branding out of it as much as possible.”

A new episode in the four-part documentary-short series will be released each week on the Nutella YouTube channel.


"We felt strongly that these stories needed a platform,” Berger said. “We're excited to share them with our fans and to help motivate others to go out and help spread their own version of happy."