This Sponge-Like Dinner Plate Miraculously ‘Absorbs’ Excess Calories

This ingenious dinner plate created by an ad agency is sponge-like and absorbs one and a half teaspoons of excess oil

30 calories might not sound like a lot… but it adds up over time.

You know those people who save calories by blotting grease off their pizza? It sounds crazy, but now there’s a plate that will do the dirty work for you.An ad agency in Thailand created a sponge-like dinner plate called AbsorbPlate that literally absorbs one and a half teaspoons — or 30 calories — of excess oil.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the BBDO Bangkok ad agency created the plate to call attention to Thailand’s growing obesity problem, but the innovation is being used to call attention to obesity and is not actually being sold as of yet.

It might not sound like a lot, but to burn 30 calories off with exercise you’d have to vigorously swim laps for five minutes, or walk at a pace of three miles per hour for several minutes.


The plate features 500 little perforations that will capture your unwanted grease. You can check out the video of the ingenious invention below: