The Soon-to-Be Opened Largest McDonald’s in the World Will Serve Pizza and Waffles

The giant, 19,000 square-foot McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, will serve pizza just like the McDonald’s of your ‘90s youth

This McDonald’s has everything: pizza, waffles, pasta, and customizable burgers.

It’s the Biggest Mac ever: The largest McDonald’s in the world will soon reopen in Orlando, Florida, featuring 19,000 square feet of interactive videogames, a 22-foot-tall PlayPlace, an open concept kitchen, and McPizza.That’s 2.29 acres of McDonald’s magic on I-Drive near Disney World and Universal Orlando. It’s meant to rival other restaurants in the area.

Pizza used to be a regular McDonald’s item in the ‘80s and ‘90s before it was phased out of most locations by the turn of the century. But in the soon-to-be reopened McMega drive-thru restaurant in Orlando, you’ll be able to relive your childhood with pizza from a brick oven, as well as other unusual menu items like waffles, pasta, sandwiches, and omelettes, according to Metro UK.


The new location will also serve the McDonald’s customizable artisan burgers that we know Anthony Bourdain is not a fan of.