Someone Actually Made a Bacon Mac n’ Cheese-Stuffed Doughnut

PYT, the wacky and innovative burger spot in Philadelphia, has come out with this carb-filled creation

We may turn up our noses at this over-the-top doughnut, but we’d secretly want to try it.

America: the land of the free and the home of… extreme culinary creations designed to clog your arteries and make your mouth water. Take the KFC Double Down for instance, and the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger. Well now the bar for fattening and fried foods has been raised with the introduction of the bacon macaroni and cheese-stuffed doughnut, by PYT in Philadelphia: home of “America’s Craaaziest Burgers.” Well it looks like they’re trying to expand their horizons with wacky doughnuts too.

The mac n’ cheese-stuffed doughnut is described on the PYT website as being “straight outta the fat kid food lab,” and is a “warm glazed donut studded with cheesy, bacon-y mac & cheese, topped with crumbled bacon.” You can get the mac n’ cheese doughnut with a side of the cheeseburger-stuffed “D’oh Nut Burger,” which also launched at PYT this month. We really hope that these heart attack-inducing stuffed doughnuts come with a free cardiologist visit. 

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi