Some New York City Restaurants Face Estimated Loss of $50,000 for Single Day of Closure During Winter Storm Juno

Estimates provided by the New York State restaurant association estimate the revenue loss for large restaurants at $50,000

Losses are expected to range from $5,000 to $50,000 for a single restaurant in New York City due to the storm.


Winter Storm Juno, the blizzard that left more than a foot of snow in several Northeast regions and resulted in a subway shutdown on Monday evening as well as a full travel ban by 11 p.m., is expected to cost the city’s restaurant industry a considerable loss of revenue, according to a statement released on Tuesday, January 27 by the New York State Restaurant Association.

According to estimates provided by the Association, larger restaurants are expected to lose up to $50,000 in revenue for a halting delivery service and a single day’s closure, while the loss for smaller restaurants is estimated at $5,000.

The full statement from the NYS Restaurant Association follows:


"The Association is very impressed with the Mayor's Office, Office of Emergency Management, Department of Sanitation, and other offices for their coordination efforts. We were kept up to date on all recent developments so that we could inform restaurants and help them prepare for the worst," said Chris Hickey, New York City’s regional director of the New York State Restaurant Association. "Many restaurants notified customers via email and social media in advance that they would be closed yesterday and today. Their quick response in ensuring the safety of their employees and customers was inspiring. Winter Storm Juno will have an effect on the restaurants in New York City. The economic impact per restaurant for stopping delivery service during prime conditions and a whole day of closing can range anywhere from a loss in revenue of $5,000 to $50,000 for larger restaurants."