So Much for That: UberEATS Adds Surge Pricing to Food Delivery

UberEATS is taking the same route as its original car service: higher prices for primetime meal slots

You want a burrito at noon? Well, you’ll have to pay more for that.

One of the scariest things to run into on Halloween night is Uber’s surge pricing. But now the infamously higher prices for prime transportation times is being utilized by Uber’s new food delivery service, UberEATS.

Uber unveiled in a blog post that “in order to maintain speed, reliability, and selection…. we’re asking UberEATS customers in select cities to pay more for delivery when they order from restaurants in areas where demand is high but delivery partners are scarce.”

Fortunately, customers will be notified about the additional fee at the bottom of the restaurant page before they place an order.

“The extra money from these orders goes toward financial incentives for delivery partners as well as our other operational costs,” Uber explained in a statement. “These partner incentives look at past patterns and aim to predict where and when there will be high demand and to encourage more people to get on the road in these locations.”


The surge fees are being tested in “select cities” before being released nationwide.