Smash Mouth Singer Reacts Badly to Crowd Throwing Pieces of Bread Onstage

Hey now, you’re better than that

Note to all future festival organizers: If you give out free food, there’s a chance the crowd will do something other than eat it. 

Smash Mouth — the ‘90s band you probably associate with the hit song “All Star” and little else — had another moment in the sun this weekend when the group performed at the Taste of Fort Collins food festival in Colorado.

But things went downhill rather quickly, as the combination of food and music inspired a strange response from the crowd.

During the band’s finale on Sunday evening, audience members who had been given free loaves of bread by one of the vendors suddenly became struck with the urge to throw the bread — at the band.

After a number of slices made their way onstage, or at least near the stage, Steve Harwell, lead vocalist for Smash Mouth, had a rather intense reaction.

It was caught on camera, of course, and you can watch the profanity-laced threat on YouTube, in which Harwell promises to “beat the f--- out of” the culprits.


Harwell should really take some guidance from Adam Levine, who chose not to engage even when someone threw a bag of powdered sugar right in his face