Sly Fox Steals Bowl of Froot Loops Cereal

Photo Modified: Flickr/Steve K/CC 2.0

Sly Fox Steals Bowl of Froot Loops Cereal

He also drops the cereal almost immediately, but he doesn’t mind

We’re well-aware that foxes are pretty intelligent animals — remember the Ukranian fox that managed to make what some would qualify as a double-decker sandwich? — and we never tire of learning about their latest antics.

This time, a wild fox carefully stole a bowl of Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal from a generous human, who may or may not have put the cereal on the ground to lure the fox in.

In any case, the fox takes the bait and runs, but his escape plan doesn’t go that well.

Although he has no trouble grabbing the cardboard bowl of cereal, he also manages, in his excitement, to drop it on the ground.

Still, all is well and the fox decides just to eat the cereal from the ground — there’s no sense in letting his big prize go to waste. For all we know, he might even figure out how to add some milk to the equation, judging by the ingredient comprehension of his Ukrainian cousin. 

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