Shake Shack Shareholder PETA Pushes for Vegan Menu Options

As one of Shake Shack’s first stockholders, PETA has asked Shake Shack to consider offering vegan foods
Shake Shack Shareholder PETA Pushes for Vegan Menu Options
Facebook/Shake Shack

Previously, Danny Meyer has said that an item will only be added to the menu if it appeals to meat-eaters as well.

On the heels of Shake Shack’s first day on the open market, where the price of stock in the popular burger chain is currently $49 a share, animal rights group PETA made sure that it was among the first shareholders, for a calculated reason.

Already, PETA has asked the Shack Shack team to introduce vegan menu options including burgers, hot dogs, and shakes.

“Shake Shack can live up to its motto to ‘stand for something good’ by offering vegan foods that help the planet, customers’ health, and animals,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

Thus far, the Shack’s culinary innovation team has not alluded to any plans to include vegan options on the menu.

Previously, Danny Meyer told Bon Appétit that it was difficult to choose the right non-meat option for the menu. “My mandate to us was that it’s only going to go on the menu if you would crave it even if you were not a vegetarian,” said Meyer. “That’s how we created the ‘shroom burger.”

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