Shake Shack Created A Lobster Burger Exclusive To New England

Just as McDonald's unveiled a lobster roll at New England locations, Shake Shack is introducing a lobster burger exclusive to this region to celebrate the end of summer.

The Surf 'N' Shack burger will only be available at Shake Shack locations in Boston and Connecticut. It's made with an Angus hamburger and Maine lobster, along with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce — making it a true surf and turf-style burger.

Shake Shack is sourcing its lobster from Homarus, a lobster farm based in Maine. The lobster burger will be available from August 17 to September 20 and costs $8.99.

Lobster rolls, a staple sandwich in New England, can be served either Connecticut- or Maine-style. It's unclear exactly how this lobster will be prepared. Connecticut-style rolls are served warm with butter, while Maine-style rolls are served cold with mayonnaise.

Regardless, this Surf 'N' Shack burger is a meaty way to close out the summer.