Senator Elizabeth Warren Delivers Dunkin’ Donuts to House Democrats’ Sit-In

People are ordering pizza and snacks for the House Democrats who have initiated a rare sit-in over gun control
Congress runs on Dunkin’?


Congress runs on Dunkin'?

The House of Representatives Democrats have initiated a rare sit-in over gun control, and have been sitting on the floor of the Congressional chamber since June 22.

Since they show no sign of budging, fellow Democrats are sending over pizza orders and more snacks for the politicians.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the Democrat leaders who initiated the liberal-backed “No Fly, No Buy” initiative that was created in the wake of the Orlando massacre, is supporting them as well. Yesterday, she delivered Dunkin’ Donuts doughnuts and coffee to the chamber, and the room full of Representatives “erupted in applause.”

Representative Joe Kennedy tweeted out a list of snacks received from various Congress members who showed their support through pizza, soda, candy, and even Pop Tarts. The pizza was sent by the mother of a Sandy Hook victim, the Hartford Courant reports. The pizza box contained a note that said “Love Wins!”

Although the protest is being dubbed the #NoBillNoBreak sit-in, House Republicans have officially adjourned and will return after the July holiday.

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