Secretary of State John Kerry Runs On Dunkin’

Kerry spotted visiting Dunkin’ Donuts locations both at home and abroad
Dunkin' Donuts

Flickr / m01229 / CC BY 4.0

Kerry was seen indulging in Dunkin’ Donuts while on international business to get a taste of home.

While taking a break in Moscow in the midst of political talks, Secretary of State John Kerry spotted a Dunkin’ Donuts and took the opportunity to take a photo outside of the store, according to Eater.

This isn’t the first time Kerry has been spotted frequenting the chain. In January, Kerry was spotted visiting a Dunkin’ Donuts in Islamabad. Kerry posted a photo on Twitter and wrote, “A little slice of home here in Islamabad: Dunkin’ Donuts to start the day.”

Kerry was also seen visiting the newly opened Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk inside the State Department cafeteria. It was noted that Kerry finished a presidential brief by eating a powdered doughnut of the dozen he picked for the meeting. Lastly, Kerry was pictured delivering a box of Dunkin’ Donuts to his brother, then-acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Cameron Kerry, in June 2013, according to Foreign Policy.

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