The Secret Is Out: Taco Bell Officially Launches The Quesalupa

After much speculation, a blind preorder, and overall hype around Taco Bell's secret "biggest launch to date," the secret is finally out: The nationwide launch of the much-anticipated Quesalupa is finally here. The new menu item was announced during a 30-second spot during the first quarter of yesterday's Super Bowl 50 titled "Bigger Than Futbol," starring Brazilian football player Neymar, NBA player James Harden, and others.

For those who couldn't wait until the Super Bowl, Taco Bell offered a blind preorder for its biggest fans, revealing the Quesalupa one day early and giving them an opportunity to have a first taste of the new item before the nationwide launch. A Taco Bell representative details that almost 70,000 preorder requests were received. Fans on Saturday received some of the very first Quesalupas in a special gold foil wrapping.

The Quesalupa is the chain's first shell stuffed with cheese — melted pepper jack cheese, to be exact. It is stuffed with seasoned beef, lettuce, Cheddar cheese, reduced fat sour cream, and tomatoes, creating a perfect marriage between a Quesadilla and a Chalupa. The Quesalupa was inspired by Salvadoran pupusas, which are handmade corn tortillas typically filled with a cheese, seasoned pork meat, and refried beans. They are available nationwide for $2.99, plus sales tax.