A Secret Dining Room Just Opened in San Diego

The room is located at Ponsaty’s Restaurant, which opened 10 months ago

You’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars to reserve the space.

In what may be a first for San Diego, a secret dining room has opened in Ponsaty’s restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe.

The small brick-lined room — which comes with its own waiter, door to the outside and parking space — was designed for VIP clients who may want to pop the question or close a big business deal, and for local celebrities who prefer to eat without an audience.

Ponsaty’s staff calls it the Secret Room, but customers are referring to it as a “speakeasy for food,” said marketing director Jessica Gillon.

Secret dining rooms have been a popular trend in Asia, Europe and South America, but only began popping up in the U.S. about five years ago with the rise of nouveau speakeasy bars.


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