This Seafood Restaurant Has a Marine Biologist on Staff

And sushi boats float along a 150-foot canal
Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue boasts two large aquariums that are home to 150 different species, with more on the way.

A new “island-themed” restaurant called Ocean Blue that just opened in Sterling, Virginia, takes its décor to the next level. For the past few months, marine biologist James Karanikas has been slowly introducing the species into the tanks.

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Two 3,000-gallon ocean reef aquariums are inhabited by 150 marine life species and will eventually contain more than 300 species, the Washingtonian reported.

A “regatta style” dining option takes conveyer belt sushi to the next level, serving maki rolls, sashimi, and other small dishes on boats that float along a 150-foot canal. The boats are made by a local woodmaker.

The restaurant offers a ramen bar, where customers can choose between two broths, a selection of noodles, fresh veggies, and seasonings.

Chef and co-owner John Kushner, who previously worked at Bobby Flay’s restaurants in New York City and Las Vegas, designed the menu for Ocean Blue.

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