Scott Walker Makes Critical Cheesesteak Mistake in Philadelphia

Some locals were less forgiving than others

Gov. Walker wasn’t the least bit sorry. 

Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker made a critical error this week when, during a campaign visit in Philadelphia, he opted to top his cheesesteak with American cheese instead of the irrefutable and historic staple, Cheez Whiz.

So as not to alienate any potential constituents, Walker stopped at both Pat’s and rival shop Geno’s, but nonetheless attracted disappointment and ridicule by forgoing both the Cheez Whiz and the onions, which are also an important local topping.

In 2003, John Kerry faced even greater scorn when he ordered the unthinkable at Pat’s — Swiss cheese.

Even worse, Walker didn’t finish his cheesesteaks — though to be fair, he did have to eat two in a row. Earlier in the day, it was reported that Walker cut customers in line at Geno’s, though it was later clarified that the owner personally came to escort him to the front.


For his part, Gov. Walker did not seem the least bit apologetic about his food faux pas, confirming on Twitter, “Yes, I ordered American cheese!”