Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Nut Butter

11 cases in nine different states have been reported, according to federal health officials
Peanut butter

JEM Raw has announced a voluntary recall of its nut spreads.

A multistate outbreak of Salmonella Paratyphi B variant L (+) tartrate (+), formerly Salmonella Java, has infected 11 people in nine different states. No hospitalizations or deaths have been reported.

In interviewing nine ill people with available information, all reported exposure to a nut butter or spread the week before experiencing symptoms, according to, and 75 percent reported exposure to a JEM Raw brand spread.

As a precaution, the Oregon-based health food company JEM Raw announced a voluntary recall of its full line of nut butter spreads within expiry for potential Salmonella contamination. JEM Raw announced that it is working with distributors and retailers to remove the spreads from shelves and it is also working with the FDA, ODA, and OHA to determine the cause of the outbreak.

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CEO of JEM Raw Organics Jennifer Moore writes, “Although JEM Raw products have not tested positive for Salmonella, we feel strongly that issuing a voluntary recall is the right thing to do… The FDA has conducted several of their own tests throughout the years, including a three day 180 swab inspection to ensure that our facilities and products were safe. From these tests, JEM Raw has come up clean every time.”