Russia Destroys 3,306 Pounds of Food Meant for the BMW Racing Team

A watchdog group burned 1.5 metric tons of food, citing a ‘gross violation of sanitary rules’
Russia Destroys 3,306 Pounds of Food Meant for the BMW Racing Team

Food that had been imported specifically for the team was destroyed under federal orders. 

As part of an ongoing retaliation strategy for sanctions imposed against Russia, the country’s federal food safety group has destroyed 1.5 metric tons (approximately 3,306 pounds) of food meant for the BMW racing team.

In the past several weeks, President Vladimir Putin has relentlessly targeted Western foods for destruction and their importers for punishment, even calling for the seizure of $30 million worth of illegal cheese.

In this particular instance, the food was being delivered to the BMW team, which is scheduled to compete in Moscow on Friday, August 28, in a series of circuit races.

“The department decided to impound goods at the checkpoint due to gross violation of sanitary rules,” according to a statement issued by watchdog group Rosselkhoznadzor to Tass, a Russian news agency.

At least one consumer group, the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Consumer (OZPP), has tried to stop the president’s efforts to destroy Western foods by filing a lawsuit against Putin

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