Roy Choi Opens Kogi BBQ Stand at Los Angeles International Airport

There’s now a Kogi stand at LAX inside Terminal 4
Roy Choi Opens Kogi BBQ Stand at Los Angeles International Airport
Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ and Roy "Taco Man" Choi are now at LAX.

Kogi BBQ, the Korean taco truck that put Roy Choi squarely at the center of this country’s burgeoning obsession with food trucks in 2008, has since expanded to a small fleet, plus two taco stands.

The newest of these is Kogi at LAX, inside Terminal 4, which just opened on Friday, December 5.

Whether you’ve just arrived in L.A. for the first time or you’re returning home after some time away, the L.A. street food staple is now ready to greet you at the gate (or thereabouts).

Choi’s team announced the newest addition via email blast, and then Choi began sharing his adventures at LAX and the TSA on Twitter.

So far, we know that his tacos have endeared him to the airport staff and he already seems to have the run of the place

Choi also suggested that the airport’s pilots and flight attendants take advantage of the new Kogi and run their own side hustle:

Roy is currently at LAX, enjoying his new role as the Los Angeles Airport Taco Man,

and is already dreaming of a Kogi-centric Airline that focuses on taco parties. 

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