This Robot Personal Chef Can Prepare Any Meal and Clean Up After Itself

Moley Robotics is preparing to release the world’s first robotic chef specifically designed for home use in 2018

We may serve our robot overlords in the future, but at least the food will be tasty.

First, bars and restaurants began employing robot servers and bartenders. Then, a pizzeria started using an animatronic pizza delivery van. Now, the latest advancement in culinary robotics is the new innovation from Moley Robotics. Dubbed the “world's first fully-automated and integrated intelligent cooking robot,” this robot can cook five-star meals for you and your family, and, most importantly, it cleans up after itself.

The Moley Kitchen robot can prepare dishes from a pre-selected library of award-winning dishes, or it can even teach you how to make the food yourself. Right now, Moley is seeking investors on the British crowdfunding site, Seedrs and has thus far raised more than £835,000 (or $1,022,190).

The machine itself contains all of the utensils, tools, and machinery necessary to cook high-quality meals. All you need to do is provide the ingredients, or, with a £3,000 (or $3,672) investment, you can become a Moley Club Gold Member and get free grocery delivery.


The robotic kitchen can still be used manually when the system is turned off. The price has not yet been determined, but we imagine it will cost a pretty penny.