This Robot Can 3D-Print a Pizza in Less Than Five Minutes

The BeeHex 3D printer can make almost any type of pizza you want in only a few minutes, no human hands needed

Sure, but can it expertly toss a pizza and lovingly top it with oregano like my pizza guy can?

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about robot “workers” taking over the duties of human fast food employees, but what about food skills that require a bit more craft? The BeeHex 3D printer is a robotic device that can print almost any type of pizza in under five minutes.

The BeeHex hooks up to a computer, into which a human inputs his or her desired type of cheese (mozzarella or burrata), sauce (tomato-basil, pesto, or vodka), dough (plain, tomato, or gluten-free), and size (10- or 12-inch), and then watches the magic happen as robotic parts do the rest.The BeeHex can even produce a pizza based on a JPG file, turning out one, for instance, shaped like a heart or reproducing the image of a traditional pizzamaker.

Depending on the size, toppings, and dough you choose, a BeeHex pizza will cost anywhere from $8 to $15, according to Tech Insider.


Right now, the inventors are looking to get outside funding, and recently received a grant from NASA to complete the project. They expect to release the BeeHex to theme parks, malls, sports stadiums, and concert venues nationwide by 2017.