This Restaurant Waged War With Vegans and Business Has Been Booming Ever Since

The White Moose Café in Dublin says “f**k you” to vegans after getting backlash for not having enough vegan options on the menu

A word to the wise, vegans: don’t mess with the Irish temper, especially when bangers and mash are involved.

There are not many instances where a restaurant owner threatens customers with multiple expletives, and his behavior actually improves business. But that was the case for the White Moose Café in Dublin where vegans, it seems, are not welcome.

It all started in August when Paul Stenson, who manages the restaurant, wrote a sarcastic Facebook post on the White Moose Café’s page, saying “Attention Vegans** Please do not waltz into our café with no notice and look at us like we have ten heads when you realise that there aren’t 50,000 items on our menu that suit your idiosyncratic dietary requirements. Our chef will be more than happy to prepare a number of dishes for you but a little heads up in advance would be appreciated.”

Stenson told BuzzFeed that the post went largely unnoticed for a while until a couple of weeks ago went it made the rounds on several vegan pages and the café began to be bombarded with angry comments and one-star reviews from vegans, many of whom had never even been to Ireland. Stenson maintains that the original post was largely a joke, but he followed it up with another post saying:

“Given the torrent of abuse and unjustified negative reviews we have been receiving from the vegan population over the past 24 hours, all vegans are now barred from our café. Any vegans attempting to enter the café will be shot dead at point blank range. While we wouldn't usually kill any of our customers, as you say yourselves, meat is murder, so it's fair game if we murder humans as well as animals. There is clearly no difference. We look forward to never welcoming you vegans to our café ever again.”

“My page is run in a tongue-in-cheek way so I can never back down,” Stenson told BuzzFeed. “So I fought fire with fire.”

The next time he posted, it was a cheeky apology, explaining that he would instead “poison” any vegans who came into his café and ended his message with a simple but eloquent “f**k you.” His pot-stirring, seemingly livid posts have inspired countless “People Against White Owl Café” Facebook pages, and the attention has even drummed up business, with many new reviews saying, “I came here because of the vegans!”

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On October 24, the Café even offered a special on the full Irish breakfast, which incidentally includes a hearty helping of blood sausage (don’t worry, it wasn’t the blood of vegans).