A Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, Is Banning Yelp Reviewers

The owner of Vero Amore restaurants does not agree with Yelp’s “self-entitled” reviewers

This sign is posted at the entrance of the restaurant.

A restaurant in Tucson, Arizona has a new policy — no Yelpers are allowed.

Aric Mussman, the owner of two Vero Amore restaurants, posted signs at the entrance of both locations that read, “No Yelpers.” Yelp, of course, is the online search website where people can write reviews of restaurants and businesses.

It almost seems to mirror an episode of South Park called "You're Not Yelping," which made fun Yelpers who think that they are restaurant critics.

Mussman is against the concept of Yelp because he believes that it is a way for reviewers to make themselves feel important.

“They want the notoriety,” Mussman told KGUN9 News. “You earn badges for reviews they earn online acclaim. That's where their friends are and they feel like this self-entitled thing that they can bash us... people can say whatever they want without any fact checking.”

He has also complained directly to Yelp about how people do not write fair reviews.

“If you go to Yelp and say 'Hey, these people make up lies about us,' they don't care," Mussman told KGUN9 News. “They will help you if you advertise with them.”

Yelp has responded to these claims and told KGUN9 News that it is “false and have been repeatedly dismissed by courts of law.”


“These businesses have only one last recourse — to discredit the site as a reliable source of information,” Yelp told KGUN9 News.  “At the end of the day, Yelp is a resource for consumers to find reliable information about how good or bad a business may be; the site would be useless to consumers if every business could buy a five-star rating.”