This kind of restaurant is definitely something we’d like to dip our chips into.


A Restaurant Dedicated Entirely to Guacamole and Tequila Opens in New York City

Guac Tacos & Tequila just opened on New York’s Lower East Side with 11 types of guacamole on the menu

New York City has ninja-themed restaurants and Tim Burton-themed bars, so why not an entire eatery dedicated to the world’s greatest dip? Guac Tacos & Tequila just opened on the Lower East Side featuring 11 types of guacamole — from Golden Bacon to Exotic Mango — and 10 rotating types of tequila on the menu, as well as traditional tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

“When I decided to do the Mexican restaurant I wanted to do a little catch to it, you know a little twist,” owner Vincent Sgarlato told PIX11 News. “We started to work on getting in different amount of guacs, it was very much a natural [thing] and when we started doing them — we came up with 11.”

You can also combine the themes of the restaurant and order tequila-infused guacamole, chorizo guacamole, or — if you really can’t decide — an assortment of three. The restaurant also offers guacamole-topped fajitas as well as an array or margaritas and cocktails. (Sorry, no guacamole martini… yet).

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You can find Guac Tacos & Tequila on 179 Avenue B between East 11th and 12th streets.