Restaurant Customer Leaves 435-Percent Tip and Kind Note for Immigrant Server

A Palestinian immigrant server at a Denver restaurant received a $100 tip on a $23 bill from a kindhearted customer

“You belong here and I’m glad you’re here,” the customer wrote on the receipt.

One kindhearted customer at a Denver restaurant made her server’s day by leaving him a 435-percent tip on a $23 bill.

Osamah Ajour, 24, a Palestinian immigrant, was shocked when he received the $100 tip from his customer with whom he had been having a conversation about the recent election.

Ajour is not a citizen but has been living and working in the United States for about a year at the Damascus Restaurant. The customer had asked how Ajour was feeling after learning that Trump had won. He told her that he was hanging in there, but was concerned for his future.

“I said, this country is way better than what happened Tuesday. She was just very nice, she was interested in how I was feeling,” Ajour told The Denver Post. He said he had only spoken to the woman for two minutes so was surprised to see how much the conversation had had an impact on her. “I couldn’t believe it when I looked at it. This lady made me very happy.”

The receipt, along with the generous gratuity, also had a note written on it: “You belong here and I’m glad you’re here.”


Ajour has since posted the receipt on Facebook where it has been shared dozens of times.