René Redzepi Is Getting His Own Documentary, ‘Noma My Perfect Storm’

Filmmaker Pierre Deschamps has been working on a documentary about the chef for the last three years
René Redzepi Is Getting His Own Documentary, ‘Noma My Perfect Storm’
Facebook/René Redzepi

Post-production is under way and ‘people have shown a strong interest in the film,’ Deschamps writes.

René Redzepi, the Danish chef behind Nomathe reigning World’s Best Restaurant, according to S.Pellegrino — who may soon be opening a second restaurant, also in Copenhagen, is getting his own documentary from director Pierre Deschamps.

The film, Noma My Perfect Storm, is slated for release sometime in 2016, and has been in the works for a number of years. On his website, Documentree Films, Deschamps has posted stills from the documentary and keeps a blog about the detailed editing process.

Deschamps writes in one entry:

“It’s like taking all the thoughts that I had during the last 3 years about René, his restaurant, his family, who he is, what he does, the good time, the bad time, the accolades, the downfall, where he is from, what he has achieved, what I see at Noma during the shoot, how I feel the people involve and etc… and try to create an interesting story without falling in the category of just doing a film about food… it is about being able to remain objectif [sic], to think about people who don’t know René Redzepi and also the one who know him, it is about making compromises for the best of the story.”

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