This Quiz Lets You Know if You Eat Like a Democrat or Republican

TIME developed quiz using data from Grubhub
Veggie Burger

Wikimedia Commons / Shpernik088CC BY-SA 4.0

Hamburger or veggie burger? Muffin or brownie? Choose one food from 10 pairings to get your result.

Do you eat like a Democrat or like a Republican? TIME has taken an analytical approach and developed a quiz to help answer this burning question.

The publication used data provided by Grubhub to analyze the ordering patterns of customers across almost 200 congressional districts. TIME found that out of 175 popular menu items, 75 percent “had significant correlations to the partisanship of those districts.”

For the quiz, users are presented with 10 pairs of dishes and choose one dish from each pairing. Pairs include hamburger and veggie burger, burrito and gyro, muffin and brownie, and more.

The final percentage score takes into account the fact that some foods are more strongly correlated to a political affiliation than others, thus explaining scores that are not factors of 10.

Click here to take the quiz for yourself.

Here are five things only Democrats eat and five things only Republicans eat.

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