Missing maple syrup? That’s what we call a sticky situation.

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats Sued for Lying About Maple Oatmeal: It Doesn’t Actually Contain Maple Syrup

Quaker Oats is accused of misleading customers with its Maple & Brown Sugar instant oatmeal that doesn’t contain maple syrup

syrup? Quaker Oats is being sued for allegedly misleading customers with its product Maple & Brown Sugar instant oatmeal, which does not actually contain any maple syrup, according to CNBC.

Consumer Darren Eisenlord, who filed the lawsuit in a Los Angeles court this week, says that customers know that maple syrup is a “premium ingredient” and that consumers will be willing to pay more for it. Despite the fact that the words “maple sugar” and a picture of a maple syrup pitcher appear on the packaging, the real maple product is nowhere to be found.

The lawsuit follows a letter to the FDA from maple syrup producers who claim that numerous maple-flavored products that do not contain real maple sugar or syrup are intentionally misleading, and that mislabeling hurts both consumers and syrup producers.

Eisenlord seeks class action status for his complaint. The lawsuit seeks damages as well as new packaging with altered branding to better reflect the product’s contents.

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Quaker has not responded to a request from The Daily Meal for comment.