Push a Button, Get a Pizza: New ‘Easy Order’ Button From Domino’s Is an Actual Thing

Domino’s is releasing the pizza button in the UK next month: the physical button that knows your favorite pizza

Next generation laziness: pizza at the push of a button.

Push a button, get a pizza. Sounds like an episode of The Jetsons, but Domino’s is really releasing an actual, physical button that can be linked up to your smartphone. Program the doorbell-like contraption with your favorite pizza, and hunger satiation is only a push of a button away.It’s called the Easy Order button and it’s coming to the U.K. in December, followed by a second release online in February 2016, according to Engadget.

With this doohickey, Domino’s has graduated to an even higher level of laziness after they revealed the “tweet to order” platform, which allows you to simply text a pizza emoji to buy a pizza. Technically, that’s also just the push of a button but without the hassle of having to open the Twitter app first.   

Truthfully, the Domino’s contraption is not actually the first push for pizza button out there. Last year we reported on the “push for pizza” app that came with a physical button. That one didn’t just limit you to chain pizzerias.

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There’s no word yet on how much the pizza button will cost or when it will be available for Americans to use, but we know what Brits will be asking for their stocking stuffers this year.