Protestor Mistakes Town Meeting for Trump Rally, Smears Cars with Peanut Butter

A woman was arrested in Wisconsin for defacing 30 cars with peanut butter; she thought she was protesting a Trump rally
“Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched,” police said in a statement.

Wikimedia Commons

“Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched,” police said in a statement.

This situation is a bit nutty. Christina Ferguson, 32, was arrested after smearing peanut butter all over 30 cars in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin. Ferguson was trying to protest what she thought was a rally supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump, but instead ended up defacing the cars of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club members, according to the Stevens Point City Times.

Witnesses said they saw Ferguson enter the meeting hall, grabbing a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif,” and scream about how much she hates Trump before she was asked to leave.She then stormed out to the parking lot and began smearing the peanut butter on cars in the parking lot. Conservation club members followed her outside and deputies were called to the scene after the woman disappeared into a nearby apartment.

When deputies attempted to question Ferguson at her apartment, she was found absent-mindedly licking her fingers and claiming she had been inside all night. After being identified by witnesses, Ferguson admitted to the crime and said she had become “very emotional” about the election.

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“Peanut buttering is better than firebombing,” she explained before she was arrested for vandalism and public intoxication.