Professional Banana Decorator Says He Will Earn Over $100,000 This Year

Custom bananas cost $9.99 each

Bananas are customized with things such as beards, glitter, googly eyes, and stickers based on what the customer wants.

Texas man Davonte Wilson is a professional banana decorator who sells custom, mail-order bananas. Though Wilson only charges $9.99 for each custom creation, he projects that his earnings for this year will surpass $100,000 reports NBC 5.

Wilson said, “I've always had a creative side” and recalls how he came up with the idea while training to become an EKG technician.

Customers order bananas through his website,, and describe their vision. From there, Wilson uses beards, bow ties, glitter, and more to customize each banana. The website reads, “Use your imagination and our skills to create the world's finest banana and send it to somebody.”

The FAQ details that the bananas are wrapped in plastic wrap to slow the oxidation process and “[prevent] the banana from ripening right away.” Instant shipping takes two days to arrive. It is also not recommended that you actually eat the bananas.

Previous creations include presidential candidates, Wonder Woman, and Kermit the Frog.

Wilson works out of his apartment in Plano, Texas, and decorates as many as 75 bananas per day.


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