Proceeds from This Pizza In Honor of Pope Francis Will Benefit No Kid Hungry


The Pope Francis-inspired pizza is available now through December 31. 


It’s become common knowledge that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, is a big fan of pizza. In fact, the pope has found that one of the biggest problems with being so globally famous is his inability to grab a quick slice — something that so many of us take for granted.

“The only thing I would like is to go out one day, without being recognized, and go to a pizzeria for a pizza,” the pope said in an interview with Televisa. Shortly after this proclamation, Enzo Caialli, a local restaurateur in Italy, took it upon himself to make Pope Francis his very own personalized pie, a white and yellow pizza made with buffalo mozzarella and yellow cherry tomatoes, and featuring the words “Il Papa” in dough.

Months later, now that Pope Francis is making his way to New York City for a quick stateside visit, a local pizza shop owner has made it his mission to make sure that Pope Francis never has to be without pizza while he’s here. Inspired by Caialli’s pizza, Rosario Procino of Ribalta in New York City has introduced his own version of the papal pizza, which is available now through December 31.


A portion of proceeds from sales of the pizza will benefit No Kid Hungry, the national hunger relief organization.