Obama Buys Bakery’s Entire Supply of Cinnamon Rolls During Alaska Visit

‘I’m going to take all of those,’ Obama informed a barista

During a stop in Anchorage, Alaska, the President shook a few hands and made a confident endorsement of the cafe’s cinnamon rolls. 

On Tuesday, September 2, President Obama made a stop in Snow City Cafe during his trip to Alaska, and proceeded to buy the bakery’s full stock of cinnamon rolls.

The president’s visit to Alaska is part of an effort to bring about a greater awareness of climate change, an issue that Alaskans deal with more acutely than those of us in the lower 48 states.

Obama strolled into Snow City Cafe, a “hopping brunch spot… with a bit of hipster flair,” in the words of The Associated Press, and stopped in front of the cinnamon rolls on display.

“How many of those do you guys have?” Obama reportedly asked a barista. “I’m going to take all of those.”

Feeling generous, Obama then encouraged the bakery to “put a little sampler together” for his staffers and the reporters trailing him.


One staffer was then left to deal with at least “two giant cardboard boxes of pastries,” according to the AP.