Pregnant Restaurant Worker Fired After Surviving Armed Robbery

Marissa Holcomb, a Popeyes worker, was fired after she refused to replace the money stolen during an armed robbery

A terrifying incident coupled with being fired? Talk about a bad day.

A Popeyes worker received the shock of her life when she was fired from her job after surviving an armed robbery. Marissa Holcomb, who is pregnant with her fourth child, was robbed at gunpoint on March 31 from her Popeyes work station in Channelview, Texas, and forced to give up the contents of the register, which amounted to nearly $400.

Security footage shows the altercation between Holcomb and a man with a beanie on waving a gun in her face. She claims that managers told her she would be fired if she did not replace the stolen money. After refusing to pay the money back, she was terminated from her job fewer than 36 hours after the robbery took place.

"I don't think it's right… now I'm struggling for my family because of what I had to do to keep my life,” Holcomb told KHOU News.

A spokesperson for Popeye’s franchise owner Z&H Foods told KHOU that Holcomb was actually terminated because she repeatedly left too much money in the cash register, and the spokesperson claimed that the company knew nothing about the option for Holcomb to pay back the funds owed.


The Daily Meal has contacted Popeyes’ corporate offices for more information.