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A Pop-Up Dedicated to Boba Is Coming to New York City

The pop-up will run from April 22 through May 6
bubble tea

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The exhibit was designed to make people feel like they’re walking in a cup of bubble tea, according to one of the pop-up founders.

The Boba Room, an interactive art exhibit, is coming to New York City this weekend, and it’s bringing you all things boba.

For those who are in the dark about boba, it’s an edible, chewy ball made from the cooking and cooling of tapioca. Boba is used in bubble tea, a popular Asian drink.

The pop-up, created by Yanqiong Zeng and Iris Danlu Xing of Chaimi Food Studio, was inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream in New York last summer, according to amNY.

At The Boba Room, guests will be able to play in a ball pit of giant “boba” balloons, admire a rainbow “bubble wall,” and check out art from Melody Shih and Natalie Jarvis, from Taiwan and Australia, respectively.

At the pop-up you can also taste bubble tea from Vivi Bubble Tea, Gong Cha, Pa Tea, Tea and Milk, and Luv Tea.

The exhibit will be located at 355A Bowery. Tickets are available to purchase online.


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