Is this really the type of crime we’re supposed to be using this technology for?


Police Used Controversial Anti-Terror Tech to Catch Thief Who Stole $56 of Wings

Maryland police tracked down a thief who had robbed a pizzeria using Stingray — the cellphone tracking technology

Police have more and more been utilizing mobile technology to track down and listen in on terrorists’ plans. Specifically, the newest controversial technology is known as Stingray and it can be used to locate terrorists by collecting data from nearby cell users.

It’s supposed to only be used to track dangerous criminals and terrorists, but according to Capital News Service, Annapolis, Maryland, police used Stingray to track down a pizzeria robber.

That’s right, a hardened criminal who stole $56 worth of wings and subs from a Baltimore pizza delivery guy. Police actually could not find their target and had to get a court order to use the Stingray technology.

“He’s not a terrorist, he’s just a kid from the neighborhood,” Assistant Public Defender Ricke said about his client Stephon Summers, who was accused of stealing the wings and sandwiches.

Baltimore police have confirmed that although the Stingray technology has been used 129 times in the past five years, leading to 27 arrests and zero terrorists caught. 

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