Pizzeria With Controversial ‘Ground Zero Pizza’ Apologizes

Bravo Pizza in New York City has taken its Ground Zero Pizza off the menu after a series of complaints

New Yorkers were not amused by the 9/11 reference in this pizza.

A New York Pizzeria was forced to change the name of one of its pizzas when locals became outraged over tragedy appropriation. Bravo Pizza in the Flatiron District — a small pizza chain known for its doughy Sicilian slices — faced a deluge of complaints and criticisms when it debuted a Ground Zero Deep Dish pie, and the pizza was soon taken off the menu.

“We took it off the menu because we didn’t want to offend people,” owner Mike Steinberg told The Daily News. “My uncle is a firefighter. We take care of the firefighters, and the police.”

The new pizza name was meant to be a part of Bravo’s image renovation. The pizzeria will be rebranding itself as Big Slice of New York and other menu items have Big Apple-themed names like Empire State Chicken and SOHO BBQ Chicken, according to the initial report in Gothamist.  


Many customers were not offended by the name, Steinberg says, but others felt it was tactless to name a pizza after the site of the horrific 9/11 tragedy.