Pizza Hut’s New Big Flavor Dipper is American to the Core

The pizza giant is debuting an America-themed (and America-sized) deal, available all summer to support Team USA

Does it get more American than this?

This summer, US athletes will go to Rio, brave Zika virus concerns, and represent our nation at the Olympics. This is important because, as you probably know, Americans love being patriotic, and the Olympics are a great opportunity to chant “U-S-A!”

Pizza Hut is doing its part to keep you as patriotic as possible. It’s rolling out a Big Flavor Dipper pizza on July 18 that is as American as a lonely cowboy riding off into the sunset.

In classic American fashion, it is also the model of inordinate quantities of relatively cheap food. For a mere $12.99, the Big Flavor Dipper will have nearly two feet of pizza with four all-American dipping sauces including marinara, California ranch, Texas honey BBQ and New York Buffalo.

“The excitement America has to be a part of something bigger is rivaled only by our enthusiasm to be a part of their celebration this summer,” said Dave Timm, chief marketing officer for Pizza Hut. “The sauces bring a new level of variety to an already big pizza.”

Plus, when it shows up at your door, the pizza box will be red, white and blue. Did you expect any less?


The pizza will only be available for the summer, and you’ll be able to get one topping included. Do yourself a favor and get the one meal that is remotely near your levels of patriotism.