Pizza Hut China Celebrates Chinese New Year with Lobster-Topped Pizza

Chain offers half lobster on top of a pizza or pasta
Lobster Pizza

Image courtesy of Pizza Hut China

Lobster is presented with shell and all for both options.

Who says you can’t enjoy seafood on your pizza? Pizza Hut China’s new offering is topped with half a lobster, shell and all, according to Brand Eating. It also features bacon, mushrooms, asparagus, red bell peppers, and a drizzle of shrimp and lobster sauce. If lobster-topped pizza isn’t your thing, the chain also offers a pasta option which is also topped with the half lobster. [related]

Trend Hunter says the seafood-inspired pizza celebrates Chinese New Year and demonstrates a growing consumer demand for alternative pizza toppings. Brand Eating points out that despite the ‘wow’ factor of the pizza, having half of a shelled lobster on top of a pizza doesn’t exactly scream convenient or even practical.

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The lobster-topped menu items are available at Pizza Hut locations in Shanghai for 98 yuan (~14.90 US).