Pinkberry Launches Its First-Ever Milk Ice Cream

Chain offers its new soft-serve, Pinkbee’s, with honey drizzle and a honeycomb on top

Pinkberry ventures into the ice cream category for the first time ever with Pinkbee’s, a low-fat milk-based soft serve. For an added indulgence, customers can order Pinkbee’s Honeycomb Drizzle, which features the ice cream topped with honey drizzle and real honeycomb, according to a release.

Kate Unger, senior vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands, the parent company of Pinkberry, says, “Pinkbee’s is a deliciously rich and creamy treat with such a craveable taste. It’s the perfect indulgence, and the inclusion of honeycomb is right on trend with what consumers are looking for right now.”

Pinkbee’s is available at Pinkberry locations all summer long, through September 2.

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